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Best flexibility and High tear resistance silicone impression material which can help patient to get a perfect teeth impression .
  • Dental Impression Kit

    The dental impression kit is designed for one person to meet the needs of one person, so that customers can print their own dental impressions. With this dental impression kit, it is economical and reduces dental expenses.
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  • Mouth Protector for Teeth Grinding

    Long-term night molars can lead to a series of complications, such as lack of rest in the masticatory muscles, fatigue and pain in the masticatory muscles, pain in the cheek, headache in severe cases, labour pains in the neck and back, and a decline in sleep quality. Memory...
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  • PVS Impression Material

    PVS impression materials are a choice for final impressions, helping doctors get accurate dental impressions, addressing many of the polymer's shortcomings, neutralizing odour, pouring multiple castings, high accuracy and optimal tear, excellent elasticity, Increase...
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  • Dental Impression Material

    It is important to take an accurate impression in terms of increasing patient convenience and reducing chair time. The process of calling a patient back to the clinic to repeat the dental impression has unprecedented consequences. Therefore, the doctor should ensure that the...
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  • Dental Impression Putty

    Dental impression putty provides better accuracy and tear resistance, but only minor improvements in dimensional stability. In addition, the material is difficult to mix and does not have a completely pleasant smell.
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  • Dental Impression Material Putty

    It is said that the first impression is everything, especially in the field of dentistry. The art and science of getting a good impression plays a vital role in the recovery process. Without a stable and accurate dental impression material putty to get the patient's dentition...
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  • Custom Fit Boil and Bite Sports Mouth Guard

    According to data, nearly 5 million teeth are lost in motion in the United States each year, while nearly 200000 people are protected by braces. As you and I know, repairing or planting a tooth is expensive, a little self-protection can avoid more cost, why not?custom fit...
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  • Dental Vacuum Forming Sheets Material

    Dental vacuum forming sheets material is based on the needs of the doctor, has excellent thermoplastic properties to create dental retainers and whitening trays to meet the needs of orthodontic and whitening. No blistering, high quality product effect is the choice of many...
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  • Putty Dental Impression Material

    Putty Dental Impression Material is a polyvinyl silicone impression material with excellent wettability, tear strength and dimensional stability. It is suitable as a tray material in putty/wash impression technology for the reproduction of teeth used for crowns, bridges, and...
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  • Dental Silicone Impression Material

    Dental silicone impression material has good hydrophilicity and strength, accurate impression, not easy to deform, not only suitable for the production of porcelain teeth or removable denture impression, and can fully meet the modern precision restorations, such as...
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