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Long-term night molars can lead to a series of complications, such as lack of rest in the masticatory muscles, fatigue and pain in the masticatory muscles, pain in the cheek, headache in severe cases, labour pains in the neck and back, and a decline in sleep quality. Memory loss, causing bad breath or oral odour, hearing and taste impairment, individual molars more serious patients will lead to facial asymmetry, affecting personal life, According to the data, the wear degree of the clasps was reduced by the mouth protector for teeth grinding molars, and the symptoms of the molars were alleviated.
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Mouth protector for teeth grinding avoids teeth grinding by providing cushions between upper and lower teeth, reduces tooth damage by separating the violent movement of upper and lower teeth and reduces muscle compression while eliminating teeth grinding noise. Long night teeth grinding can cause serious wear and tear of enamel and even cause bilateral joint lesions. Wear mouth protector for teeth grinding for a long time to protect teeth, improve sleep quality, decrease masseter muscle size, reduce headache, dizziness, tooth pain and other symptoms caused by teeth grinding, but also slow down Unteeth grinding.


The teeth are strongly knocked together by night teeth grinding and there is no food palliation, resulting in excessive wear and tear of protective substances on the surface of the teeth, exposing the dentin under the protective substances. Mild food irritants such as cold, heat, acid, sweetness can cause frequent bleeding, inflammation, loosening and even loss of teeth. Long-term teeth grinding will cause extensive loss of tooth tissue, tooth shape damage, sharp edge, can often stab lips and tongue soft tissue, a third of the face changes to old, affecting the patient's facial beauty and pronunciation. Often bleeding and inflammation of the gums, resulting in tooth loosening and tooth wear, resulting in allergies and hot and cold acid pain Sore cheeks and side ear areas pain, hearing loss of head and neck muscle pain and stiffness, lead to recurrent headache, resulting in bite gills, bite the gums, bite teeth, Biting tongue affects adolescent's local development and mental health. The squeak of biting teeth affects family's rest.


Wearing mouth protector for teeth grinding can separate upper and lower teeth, reduce tooth wear, buffer violent tooth movement and relieve molar symptoms.


Soak in 80 degrees lukewarm water for 15 seconds, then bite,after that, put it into cold water to set. You will get a mouth protector for teeth grinding.when you go to sleep put the mouth protector for teeth grinding in your mouth.

Recommendations for mouth protector for teeth grinding.

Clean and store mouth protector for teeth grinding in a dry box to avoid exposure to the sun. If mouth protector for teeth grinding is deformed, please replace it in time

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