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Putty Dental Impression Material is a polyvinyl silicone impression material with excellent wettability, tear strength and dimensional stability. It is suitable as a tray material in putty/wash impression technology for the reproduction of teeth used for crowns, bridges, and partially and fully removable restorations.
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Product Benefits:
* Extremely smooth.
* Accurate and easy to mix.
* Dimensional stability.
* Models can be poured up to 2 weeks after impression taking.
* Excellent wettability
* High Elasticity- tear resistant.





White (Catalyst) and Blue(putty base)


Model Making

Hand mixing time


Hand working time



20g*2 set (We also can supply 20g or 310ML impression dental material kit)

Free Sample

Available for 1 set 20g dental impression materials

Achieving an accurate, stable impression relies on careful evaluation and planned recovery of each patient, and the dental professional now has putty dental impression materials with the required characteristics to obtain accurate, stable impressions to obtain the appropriate beautiful restoration.

How to make a good impression ?
We recommend that you must submit a timer so that you can plan the stage to be explained later. In the mirror, you can see that you have placed the impression tray according to the instructions.

Before starting the impression process, remove any dentures, plates or holders
Step 1:

Put on the gloves and take a white putty ball from its pot and a coloured putty ball. Mix them together in your hands until you have an even coloured putty. You do need to be quick doing this as once the two putties are mixed they start to set.

Step 2:
Make a sausage shape about half an inch wide. Place into the impression tray as shown in the picture, ensuring the putty goes above the rim of the blue tray. This is to ensure all the teeth and gum line are taken in the impression.

Step 3:
Carefully place the filled tray into your mouth over your teeth and push up (upper impression) or push down (lower impression) firmly once at the front. Then push up (upper impression)/down (lower impression) firmly each side at the back once. Make sure your lip is over the putty and impression tray. Do not talk and stay still while the impression putty is setting. Keep a slight pressure on both sides of the tray as shown in the photo in step 2.

Step 4:
The putty should be set and ready to remove after 3 minutes. Carefully and slowly move the handle on the tray up and down a few times. If it feels stuck don't worry it will release just try a few more times.

During hot summer months please store your putty dental impression material in the refrigerator before use.
The putty dental impression material should be allowed to warm up to room temperature before use.
The putty dental impression material is a commonly used high grade dental impression material. Material safety data information available on request.

You can see all of your teeth clearly in the impression tray.
You can see a deep outline of your gum above your teeth.

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Zhengzhou Huaer Electro-Optics Technology Co., Ltd. has been established in 2006 and we has become one of the leading manufacturers for portable dental units, dental hand-pieces, teeth whitening lamps, teeth whitening kits, dental impression putty, etc. Our products are CE and SFDA certified. Over 10 years of successful overseas business is a result of our global standard of superior quality, competitive price, safe packaging, and meeting delivery schedules. OEM and customized orders are both available. Our principle lies in "fidelity management and technology innovation." Our mission is to focus on health and beauty for users from the world. We have been striving to bring good quality products and careful service to our customers. Our doors are open at all times for new partners around the world.


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