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Dr.Super High-quality dental handpieces have won a lot of praise from dentists around the world, and various types are available for your choice.
  • 20:1 Reduction Contra Angle

    Light stainless steel made of 20:1 reduction contra angle, can withstand years of use, the highest torque of 70 Ncm, is currently one of the strongest torque in the market, the standard accurate ball bearings can reduce friction and heat between each other. High-quality...
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  • Dental High Speed Handpiece

    Dental high speed handpiece is a key instrument in dentistry and are used for many functions, including decayed teeth, cavity preparation, tooth tissue grinding, and repair and polishing. Our dental high speed handpiece is favored for their special advantages, including low...
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  • Dental Surgical Handpiece Oral Surgery Dental Turbine

    Dental surgical handpiece oral surgery dental turbine is a perfect combination of quality and price. It has received positive feedback from many consumers., dental surgical handpiece oral surgery dental turbine has a long service life, can withstand strict disinfection...
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  • Colorful E-genarator LED High Speed Dental Handpiece

    The colorful E-genarator LED high speed dental handpiece coexistence of practicality and beauty, comfortable touch experience, stand up to the comparative quality and price, and use beautiful things to have a wonderful life.The colorful E-genarator LED high speed dental...
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  • LED Fiber Optic Dental Handpiece

    LED fiber optic dental handpiece with quick connection, easy to plug in and out, 20,000Lux light intensity, to help doctors work better, button-style design, replace the drill is more convenient, give accessories, make your use better.
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  • 1:5 Speed Increasing Contra Angle

    The 1:5 speed increasing contra angle electric accessory reflects the latest technological advances and expertise. The 1:5 Speed Increasing Contra Angle provides extremely quiet operation with minimal vibration for efficient and comfortable treatment. Excellent quality and...
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  • LED Quick Connector Dental Handpiece

    The LED quick connector dental handpiece is a must-have dental instrument for every dentist. LED quick connector dental handpiece solves many oral problems for dentists during surgery and is an all-rounder among dental instruments. Imported fiber optic rods reduce the loss of...
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  • 5 Ring Led Dental Handpiece

    Today’s clinician is extremely dependent on the handpiece to sustain a smooth-running practice.In actual operation, due to the problem of the equipment of the dental handpiece itself, it will partially block the visual field, affect the actual operation, and invisibly reduce...
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  • E-generator Integrated LED Dental Handpiece

    E-generator integrated LED dental handpiece meet the dentist's need for light intensity, lightweight experience, ergonomic handle, allowing users to work easily. Cost-effective quality reduces medical costs, but E-generator integrated LED dental handpiece also provides...
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  • 4 Water Spray Fiber Optic Dental Handpiece

    4 water spray fiber optic dental handpiece high-end spray configuration, quick connector safe and easy to prevent infection, imported optical fiber catheter to reduce light loss, high-end configuration, it is worth having.
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  • Colorful High Speed Dental Handpiece

    Colorful high speed dental handpiece---Lightweight, suitable for long-term use, reducing labor costs. Colorful handles brighten your mood all day.
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  • 45° LED Dental Turbine Handpiece

    The 45° LED dental turbine handpiece generator integrated LED has excellent internal generator integrated structure and LED strong light, which is indispensable for practical work of dental medical personnel. High quality product quality guarantees long life and good cost...
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We're known as one of the most professional dental handpiece manufacturers and suppliers for products with private label and good service. Please rest assured to wholesale quality dental handpiece at good price from our factory.
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