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45° Dental Handpiece with Connector

The special angle design of the 45° dental handpiece with connector is more convenient for the treatment of posterior teeth. 45° dental handpiece with connector special single-spray design makes the residue not be brought into the depth of the wound.
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The Dr.Super dental handpiece angle between the head and the handle is 45 degrees, which is conducive to the cutting of the patient's posterior teeth. The water spray method is to spray water and spray directly onto the drill instead of spraying into the oral tissue. It effectively prevents emphysema


----Only one cooling hole, The water spray method is water jet and sprays directly to the dental drill instead of spraying to the oral cavity tissue. It effectively prevents subcutaneous oral emphysema.In practice, higher water pressure and water flow can cause oral emphysema and injury to patients.  

----Lightweight, comfortable, ergonomic grip makes medical staff easier to operate.In the daily work of dentists, almost always working with a dental handpiece in operation, so a light weight, in accordance with the handle of human engineering mechanics, is a great reward for dentists, can also improve work efficiency.

----Button design of 45° dental handpiece with connector for easy bur replacement.
----Quick connector easy to insert, easy to disinfect, reduce the workload.In a dental hospital with a large number of patients, even if changing the dental handpiece is a relatively easy thing, it is so easy to pull out a dental handpiece in a large number of times.

Technical Data

Operation Air Pressure

0.25-0.30MPa(0.25MPa  preferred)

Rotor Speed

≥350(krpm)for Standard head; ≥280 (krpm) for torque head

Grip Power


Water Pressure

0.2Mpa ( 2Kgf)

Water flow





Single spray

Intended Use
1、Usage: this 45° dental handpiece with connector is specially designed for teeth polishing and cutting.
2、User: only qualified dentists are permitted to use this 45° dental handpiece with connector; misuse may cause damage to the air turbine and harm to the patient, user and the third party.

When lubricate the 45° dental handpiece with connector and cartridge, please refer to the picture below. Inject special maintenance oil into the hole as the arrow indicated for 2-3s.
Or please insert the nozzle with the oil for maintenance into the injection plug of dental handpiece, then insert the quick coupling position with the oil for maintenance for 2-3s.
Please lubricate the 45° dental handpiece with connector before and after each sterilizing, and connect 45° dental handpiece to hose or quick coupling and keep it working for 20-30s to expel the extra oil and sewage from 45° dental handpiece with connector.
Note: Any non special use maintenance oil may shorten lifespan of 45° dental handpiece with connector and may cause possibility of harm to human body.

Warranty Terms
Within six months from the effective invoice date, the company shall be responsible for the problems of its products due to material or manufacturing and provide quality assurance. Other case of damages during the warranty period will not be covered by this quality assurance.

Quality Policy and after-sales Service Statement
Our products are subject to rigorous quality assurance procedures before ex-factory, but please note: improper use or non-use of parts and components recommended by the company or non-approved modifications of the products may shorten and endanger the products.
Therefore we recommend you: if you have any questions about our products, please bring the products you bought and purchasing documents to negotiate with our company or our authorized distributor.

Company profile
Zhengzhou Huaer Electro-Optics Technology Co., Ltd. has been established in 2006 and we has become one of the leading manufacturers for portable dental units, dental hand-pieces, teeth whitening lamps, teeth whitening kits, dental impression putty, etc. Our products are CE and SFDA certified. Over 12 years of successful overseas business is a result of our global standard of superior quality, competitive price, safe packaging, and meeting delivery schedules. OEM and customized orders are both available. Our principle lies in "fidelity management and technology innovation." We are committed to supply the best quality dental equipments and to bring satisfaction to our customers. Our doors are open at all times for new partners around the world.


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