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Children Use High Speed Handpiece

Children Use High Speed Handpiece

Professional children use high speed handpieces are specially developed for the treatment of patients with smaller mouths. The smaller heads are designed for patients with smaller mouths, reducing visual field blockage and making dentists more convenient to work.
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Dr.Super Children Use High Speed Handpiece


----Dedicated small head combined with dedicated drill to better serve patients with small mouth
----Taking into account the dentist's occupational health issues, designing this lightweight, ergonomic children use high speed handpiece will reduce the health problems faced by dentists holding hand-held dental instruments for a long time.
----low noise reduce the dental professionals hearing loss especially those who proximity to high-speed handpiece noise over a career. And lower noise can also make patient more comfort to relieves.

Technical Data

Operation Air Pressure

0.25-0.30MPa(0.25MPa preferred)

Rotor Speed

≥350(krpm)for Standard head; ≥280 (krpm) for torque head

Grip Power


Water Pressure

0.2Mpa (2Kgf)

Water flow





Single spray


Standard Features:
1. Closed cartridge protect of bearing and extend lifespan, lower noise.
2. Anti-retraction function design, protect patients from cross infection.
3. 135℃ autoclavable for the children use high speed handpiece.

4. Imported bearings, excellent internal quality and structure, resulting in outstanding performance


The handpiece is an incredibly sophisticated device that requires a diligent maintenance protocol to keep it running properly and safely. There are a number of common maintenance mistakes that should be avoided:
1.Using a chemical wipe down on a handpiece before sterilizing: this is not only redundant, it may multiply harmful reactions when the handpiece is subjected to heat.
2.Using an ultrasonic cleaner or solution: except for immersion in a cleaning solution offered by the handpiece manufacturer, handpieces should never be immersed in any fluids.
3.Lubricating in the wrong hole–The drive air line leads directly to the turbine; other orifices such as exhaust and water do not. If you are using a liquid oil applicator on a swivel-type handpiece, it is critical that you deliver oil to the correct internal opening.
4.Using an incorrect lube applicator – Make sure the spray tip fits the handpiece quick-disconnect correctly.
5.Not applying enough lubricant – Sometimes the staff is directed not to overspray oil into the handpiece, to reduce excess residue; however, it is important to ensure that oil is getting to the bearings, by seeing oil leave the head.
6.Leaving the bur in the chuck during autoclaving – When a bur is held in an autochuck, the springs are compressed. Subjecting any spring to heat and corrosion under tension will weaken it and shorten the life. Leaving a bur in a manual chuck leads to buildup of debris in the chuck and increased difficulty of operation.
After-sale Warranty
We guaranty each handpiece will be tested strictly before ship to clients. And we promise to repair each handpiece if it’s faulty.


Company Profile
Zhengzhou Huaer Electro-Optics Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2006. Located in Zhengzhou city, we're the leading manufacturer for the Portable Dental Unit, Dental Handpiece Teeth Whitening Material and Dental Impression Putty etc. Our products sell well in Australia, Columbia, Kuwait, the Netherlands, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, Zimbabwe. Except our own products, we can also provide OEM services and accept customized order as well. Our products are CE and SFDA certified. For more details, please feel free to contact us to learn more.
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