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Colorful High Speed Dental Handpiece

Colorful high speed dental handpiece---Lightweight, suitable for long-term use, reducing labor costs. Colorful handles brighten your mood all day.
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The colorful high speed dental handpiece, Dr.Super dental handpiece is a personal appearance. It relieves the emotions of the people in the room. Beautiful design cutting power is no less, low noise makes the treatment environment more comfortable


----smoother cut with better margins and less vibration transferred to patients make it more comfortable for the patients and dentists
----Push button design change the burs effortlessly in seconds
----Lightweight, comfortable, ergonomic handle makes medical staff easier to work
----Push button design for doctors' convenience, allowing doctors to easily change drills
----low noise reduce the dental professionals which proximity to high-speed handpiece noise over a career the risk of hearing. can also make patient more comfort 

Technical Data

Operation Air Pressure

0.25-0.30MPa(0.25MPa preferred)

Rotor Speed

≥350(krpm)for Standard head; ≥280 (krpm) for torque head

Grip Power


Water Pressure

0.2Mpa (2Kgf)

Water flow





single  spray

Standard Features:
1. Open cartridge, easily for maintenance
2. Anti-retraction function design, protect patients from cross infection, extend lifespan for colorful high speed dental handpiece 
3. 135℃ autoclavable for the colorful high speed dental handpiece

4. Imported bearings, excellent internal quality and structure, resulting in outstanding performance

1.Two high-speed handpiece alternately use

In the process of using the colorful high speed dental handpiece, the bearing has been rotating at a high speed. At this point, the ball in the bearing always exerts a force on the inner and outer rings of the bearing. Prolonged use can lead to "mechanical fatigue" of the bearing, which will directly affect the bearing. life. Doctors usually use a standard treatment table equipped with two high-speed handpiece. If the doctor uses the handpiece for a period of time (10 minutes is appropriate) to use other handpiece, that is, two turbine. Spare, which can greatly ease the "fatigue" impact on the life of handpiece bearings. This greatly extends the life of the handpiece. According to statistics, nearly 60% of handpiece bearings are damaged due to "fatigue."

2.Bearing cleaning and lubrication are also very important considerations.
The purpose of cleaning is to prevent foreign matter from entering the bearing and increase the friction between the ball and the inner and outer rings of the bearing. This is the process of replacing water and foreign matter in the air circuit of the colorful high speed dental handpiece with detergent and lubricating oil. Lubrication is to reduce the friction between the ball and the inner and outer rings of the bearing so that the handpiece can rotate at a high speed. In terms of lubrication, we use professional handpiece lubricants. Handpiece lubricant is liquid. When the handpiece bearing rotates at a high speed, there will be a lot of losses, and the bearing will soon be in a "dry" state. Therefore, every time before use, you should try to lubricate the colorful high speed dental handpiece so that the bearing can be lubricated in time.

Operating principle
1.Air rotates the turbine at the head (front) of the colorful high speed dental handpiece. The turbine consists of two miniature bearings, an impeller and a spindle/chuck assembly for fixing the drill.
2.Air is introduced into the colorful high speed dental handpiece through the foot pedal of the chair unit. The air flow connected to the back end of the handpiece passes through the handpiece casing and then enters the head of the handpiece. The force is forced through the turbine wheel at the head of the handpiece, causing the turbine to rotate.
3.After the air moves around the turbine wheel, it is forced out of the head and moves downwards through the housing of the handpiece and through the rear exhaust port of the handpiece.

After-sale Warranty
We guaranty each handpiece will be tested strictly before ship to clients. And we promise to repair each handpiece if it’s faulty.

Company Profile
Zhengzhou Huaer Electro-Optics Technology Co., Ltd. is established in 2006. Located in Zhengzhou city, we're the leading manufacturer for the Portable Dental Unit, Dental Handpiece Teeth Whitening Material and Dental Impression Putty etc. Our products sell well in Australia, Columbia, Kuwait, the Netherlands, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, Zimbabwe. Except our own products, we can also provide OEM services and accept customized order as well. Our products are CE and SFDA certified. For more details, please feel free to contact us to learn more.
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