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Dental Surgical Handpiece Oral Surgery Dental Turbine

Dental surgical handpiece oral surgery dental turbine is a perfect combination of quality and price. It has received positive feedback from many consumers., dental surgical handpiece oral surgery dental turbine has a long service life, can withstand strict disinfection environment, at the same time, human engineering mechanics design, increase the comfort of handheld.
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Because we keeping track of customer feedback, according to customer feedback, we produce the dental surgical handpiece oral surgery dental turbine in the same price of the longest time they use, and the best value for money they consider. Use high-end handpieces for a long time, the same time, you don't consider a cheaper one?

The biggest headache with dental handpieces is that they are damaged too quickly. Because it is often used in surgery, mixing with normal saline and blood in the operation for a long time will cause damage to internal parts. You must know this, so dental handpieces need strict disinfection to avoid cross-infection. This is the responsibility of the patients. But our handpieces can withstand severe disinfection conditions, coupled with appropriate maintenance, dental handpieces using life has been greatly prolonged. Such a cheap dental surgical handpiece oral surgery dental turbine, and such excellent performance, you don't want to know a little bit about it? 

Supplying  diverse torque of dental surgical handpiece oral surgery dental turbine, because different people and doctors have their own appropriate torque for dental handpieces, we provide different torque handpieces to meet the needs of different populations.


Technical Data

Operation Air Pressure

0.2-0.25MPa(0.22MPa preferred)

Rotor Speed


Grip Power


Water Pressure

0.2Mpa (2Kgf)

Water flow





Single spray


Good feedback for dental handpiece

After Each Patient Is Used, The Following Maintenance Should Be Performed:

1. First remove the diamond grinding bur and clean all dental deposits on the single spray high speed dental handpiece;

2. Clean the spray hole and fumarole with a metal needle;

3. Spray detergent into the shaft hole for 1-2 seconds (the diamond grinding pin has been inserted into the hole);

4. There are two models at the bottom of the dental handpiece (with or without quick connectors), please spray the appropriate amount of lubricant at the bottom;

5. Combine the dental handpiece and quick connector (make sure the water switch is off)

6. Install the diamond grinding head and cover the dental handpiece with white gauze (make sure that the diamond grinding head does not come in contact with the white yarn to avoid tying);

7. Depress the pedal for about 20 seconds to see if there is any stain on the white gauze. If the white yarn is smeared, lubricate it again and continue with the fourth routine maintenance. Know that the white yarn is not dyed;

8. Finally, use high temperature autoclaving that does not exceed 135 degrees Celsius.

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