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Dental Digital intraoral Camera with Monitor

Dental Digital intraoral Camera with Monitor

dental digital intraoral camera with monitor 17-inch high-definition large screen, 4 megapixels, all sorts of details at a glance, to help doctors diagnose, easy for patients to understand the condition, store pictures, build medical files.
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Dental digital intraoral camera with monitor is the most convenient, most direct and effective medical device for medical personnel to observe the diseased tissue in the human body. Dental digital intraoral camera with monitor has the advantages of high image clarity, vivid colors, and easy operation.

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Image sensor: 1/5 CMOS sensor
Image resolution: 2 mega pixel, software upgrade to 4 megapixel
Camera Angle: no-plastic lenses level large field of view to 130 degrees,
especially suitable for the mouth of a scan
video signal output format: VGA HD 720p signal source
Camera lighting: Four high-energy LED cold light design
Focus point range:1mm—50mm  automatic support
Use way: Handheld integration of one handle
Special functional design: SD card large storage function, HD-720Pvideo, system clock management functions, have the picture in picture capture mode and automatic shutdown function more than 5 SEC
Work power requirements: 5 v - 1 A stable DC power suppl

Technical data

Suit for

Dental office, Dental school, home


4 Megapixels

Image Sensor

1/5 CMOS sensor


Can take vivid image of the entire mouth


Available for labelling your brand on the intraoral camera

Video Output Signal Format

VGA HD 720p signal source

Visual Angle

130 Degree


White Color

Can be equipped with

Professional Dental office unit or use together with computer

Power Supply

5 v - 1 A stable DC power supply

15 Inches


17 Inches


(1) Reduce inspection time and snapshots.
(2) With video and storage capabilities, it can store lesion images for easy observation and continuous observation;
(3) bright colors, high resolution, clear images, easy to observe;
(4) Using the screen display image to achieve simultaneous viewing of multiple people, facilitating disease consultation, diagnosis and teaching;

Package List
15/17 Inches 4 Megapixels Dental intraodal camera
User Manual
Disposable plastic mask for intraoral camera
Software for Dental intraoral camera

In general, the display has been tested by relevant technicians and adjusted to the best display state during the installation process. Therefore, users are not advised to perform debugging. If the monitor does not display, check the connection between the power board and the power board, whether the monitor switch is turned on, the camera system is turned on, and the camera system's output is properly connected to the monitor's input port. After the color is distorted, the optical interface of the camera system can be aligned with a bright color object or image, and the contrast, saturation, and brightness of the camera can be adjusted through menus on the display. Avoid permanent magnetic objects near the monitor. Degauss maintenance at regular intervals. When the magnetization is severe or the degauss fails, contact the manufacturer's technician.

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