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Best Dentist Teeth Whitening Light System

Best Dentist Teeth Whitening Light System

Best dentist teeth whitening light system is the currently cold-light whitening lamp, which penetrates the internal whitening of teeth by accelerating whitening agents. During whitening, low temperature, high efficiency, and no harm to the teeth. The best dentist teeth whitening light system has an elegant appearance, is easy to assemble.
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It is a new tooth whitening technology that is popular in Europe and America. It not only can remove the pigment deposit on the tooth surface, but also can enter the deep layer of the tooth to achieve the effect of discoloring. According to the clinical experiment, the effect of using the cold-light tooth whitening technology can improve the color order of 5-14 vita, which is not only better than that of the like product, but also more than 30% of the whitening effect of the home dental sleeve. The operation process only takes 30 minutes, has no side effect, and the whitening effect can be maintained for more than two years.

teeth whitening light

If best dentist teeth whitening light system is used to remove pigmentation through oxygen in whitening agent for a long time, it will not harm the teeth, but also can sterilize the mouth and protect the teeth. Whitening time for 25 minutes, can continue to do 3 times. Best dentist teeth whitening light system allows oxygen from whitening agents to enter the teeth, oxidize pigments, whiten teeth as well as teeth in the mouth Sterilization, not only will not cause harm to the teeth, but also protect the teeth, whitening, as long as attention to some whitening matters, whitening effect can generally last 1-2 years.

Technical data:  

Power suppler

100/240V, 50/60Hz 



Light source


LED bulbs

4pcs Japanese bulbs

LED light intensity

up to 2500mW/cm2

Before and after

before and after 


1. Exquisite, light appearance design, matching clinic space beautiful and generous 

2. Full mouth whitening with low heat and average light 

3. Quiet and high efficiency fan to achieve good heat dissipation effect 

4. Function selection is convenient for operation 

5. White tooth bending with special optical design and human nature 

6. The special light wave length can effectively catalyze the reaction of whitening agent and achieve deep whitening.


How to keep your teeth good after whitening 

To reduce the incidence of dental caries and wedge-shaped defects by controlling the intake of sweet foods and sweet drinks. 

Usually you can eat more to help tooth whitening food, such as: cheese, bananas, onions, green tea and so on. 

Fluorine is a strong and indispensable element in teeth, fluoride toothpaste can be selected in peacetime brush teeth. 

Remove bad living habits. Quit smoking, alcohol, do not eat too hot or spicy food, remove residual crown, root, sharpen teeth, remove bad restorations to avoid chronic adverse irritation. 

Regular examination and health care. After finishing tooth whitening, should go to the hospital regularly to check, guarantee tooth health. Insist on brushing your teeth in the morning and evening, gargle after dinner, and develop the correct brush habit. To remove plaque, soft dirt. After the food is plugged into the teeth, floss the teeth. Clean your teeth regularly to prevent periodontal disease.

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