Comparison of teeth with cold light whitening teeth
Jun 04, 2018

1, ultrasonic cleaning teeth - cleaning teeth, also known as scaling, is the use of ultrasonic high-frequency vibration to clean the calculus, is to protect the teeth, one is a simple and effective way to preserve the species, doctors in the dental cleaning for you, can be timely Discovering all kinds of hidden dangers in your mouth is a guarantee and timely remedy. Some friends think that washing teeth will cause teeth soreness or loose teeth. It is because long-term uncleanness is caused by teeth retraction caused by teeth retention.

2, sandblasting - sandblasting is another way to clean teeth. The special salt sand and high pressure are used for further cleaning of the teeth. The sandblasting can clean the tea scale, soot and food soft dirt that adhere to the teeth. The teeth that are sprayed with sand are very smooth and not easy to clean. The calculus is deposited again, so it is a combination of dental cleaning and blasting.

From the above comparison of whitening teeth, cold light whitening teeth accounted for a lot of advantages, cold light whitening teeth is the preferred method for modern people's teeth whitening, let everyone start from the smile step by step to be confident, let the teeth dry every day sun.

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