Dental knowledge not known to 99% of people
Aug 03, 2018

Dental knowledge not known to 99% of people

1. Don't wait for your teeth to see your teeth. The development of dental disease is a slow, accumulating process. Some oral diseases are asymptomatic. It is recommended to find early, early diagnosis and early treatment. Prevention is very important. Regular inspection is best!

2, toothache does not have to pull out the teeth. After filming and specialist examination, there are many teeth or roots that have retained value and can be preserved and preserved.

3, the teeth in the diagnosis and treatment of oral diseases have a supporting role, to help doctors understand the roots, pulp, alveolar bones, etc., it is necessary, especially residual root, apical inflammation, periodontal disease, wisdom teeth, trauma, etc. The dental X-ray machine of the regular manufacturer has very little radiation and almost no harm to the human body.

4. The wisdom tooth with the wrong position is early and early. Because it is not in the right position, it will affect the health of the teeth adjacent to it. When the body's resistance is reduced, such as stuffing, getting angry, working overtime, staying up late, it will make waves. When it hurts, it can't be pulled out, it is easy to cause adjacent gap. Infection, local flushing of the drug can be removed after the inflammation control.

5, pulpitis, apical inflammation, two common dental diseases must be done standard root canal treatment, the general course of treatment is 2-3 times a week, under special circumstances can do a one-time root canal treatment.

6, root canal treatment including pulp inactivation, root canal preparation, root canal filling three steps, routine need to take at least 3 teeth: preoperative, intraoperative, postoperative one, curved, complex root canal is very likely Need to increase the number of beats.

7, the teeth is a hard tissue organ, the toothache is basically no use, there must be dental treatment, dental mucosa is always inexplicable injury.


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