Teeth whitening postoperative care
Jun 04, 2018

1, after the cold light whitening, if there are individual teeth appear gingival margin bleached phenomenon, do not have to worry about, this phenomenon will gradually return to nature within 24 hours, some fluorosis patients due to sparse enamel, not suitable for whitening agent, there are If you are obviously uncomfortable, stop the treatment immediately.

2, there are some patients with severe tetracycline teeth, the first time after the treatment of the prism may not be obvious, but after the second tooth whitening treatment, the tooth whitening effect will be quite stable, as long as pay attention to doing daily care, The effect can be maintained for a long time.

3, cold light after the whitening must pay attention, avoid drinking hot and cold drinks within 24 hours, avoid staining with colored substances, avoid drinking tea, coffee, cola, red wine and other colored drinks, while avoiding smoking.

4. Regarding diet, it is best not to eat colored foods such as spicy hot pot, betel nut, etc. in one week to prevent the teeth from washing hands after the cold light and whitening.

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