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5 Best Ways To Whiten Your Teeth
Dec 17, 2018

Summer holidays, beautiful beach sunshine, of course, need sparkling white teeth. many people are very worried about this, whitening teeth have many ways, how to choose. Here are 5 best ways to whiten your teeth


Professional cold light teeth whitening


The cold light teeth whitening is the high intensity blue light between 480-520 nanometers, through the optical fiber, through the special optical lenses of two pieces of 30 multilayer coating, and the special optical treatment, apart from all harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays, and the whitening agent, which is the main body of hydrogen peroxide and the diameter of 20 nanometers of silica. Oxidation and reduction. Through the canaliculus, it removes the surface of the tooth and the pigments attached to the deep layer, thus achieving whitening effect. The principle of cold light whitening is to permeate the drug into the tooth tissue through cold light to achieve whitening effect. The damage of quality is great, it is easy to make the dentin lose the necessary protection and the pain of cold and hot allergy. Exogenous pigment adhesion, endogenous pigmentation, and so on are suitable for the use of cold light whitening. It has the advantages of fast, safe, long lasting, effective effect and so on.


The cold light teeth whitening need professional teeth whitening suit and professional dentists to operate, which the rapid effect is remarkable, whitening effect is very obvious, but the price is more expensive.


Teeth whitening at home


The basic principle of family teeth whitening kit is basically similar to that of professional cold light whitening, but the raw materials of dental whitening are different. The professional dental whitening function is hydrogen peroxide, and the effective component of family whitening kit is urea peroxide. Ingredients are safer than professional suits, but whitening is slightly less effective. Affordable price, simple operation, convenient, generally a week's time, you can have professional whitening effect.


Dental teeth whitening pen


Along with the needs of the dental whitening group , the teeth whitening pen is born , the effective components of the teeth whitening pen are generally carbamide peroxide , the ingredients are more complex , and are convenient to carry , and can be used for whitening teeth at any time and anywhere , so that the teeth whitening pen is as convenient as makeup .


Teeth whitening strip


The kinds of teeth whitening strips available on the market are: gel teeth whitening strips, dry teeth whitening strips, soluble teeth whitening strips.


The elastic gel layer contains peroxide as teeth whitening agent , plant whitening factor and high viscosity hydrophilic elastic gel agent capable of forming elastic thin film . The release backing layer is transparent or opaque plastic sheet , and the surface is coated with a stabilizer which maintains gel elasticity .


Because of its unique elastic adhesive force and tension, the elastic gel patch is the best adhesive force on the tooth surface and provides the best adhesion on the tooth surface. The effect of tooth whitening was improved by increasing the contact area between gel layer and tooth morphology and the time of tooth whitening agent. When the tooth is attached to the tooth surface, the whitening component of the tooth and saliva contact, and release the new ecological reactive oxygen species. These oxygen free radicals can penetrate into the enamel and dentin through the microporous structure of the tooth. Break down the pigment to whiten your teeth. Good dental stickers require reactive oxygen species to be generated until the tooth paste is removed from the tooth and the longer the duration of the generated oxygen bubbles , the better the whitening effect of the teeth .


Gel tooth paste is easy to carry and economical. It is a necessary product for daily care of tooth whitening after tooth whitening, and it also has satisfactory whitening effect with whitening pen for a long time.


Dental whitening powder


The main ingredients of dental powder are calcium carbonate, soap powder and a small amount of saccharin, spices, sodium superborate and so on. These ingredients have a strong cleaning effect, because the powder is powdery, so it is easier to friction with the teeth, the ability to remove dental wax is very strong. For people with tartar or long-smoking teeth that cause black and yellow teeth, regular toothpaste is difficult to clean teeth and give teeth beauty. Try teeth whitening powder at this time. Use with bamboo charcoal toothpaste can achieve the dual purpose of preventing teeth dirt and whitening teeth.


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