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6 Causes Of Gingival Bleeding, How Many Did You Offend?
Nov 23, 2018

Gum bleeding is a lingering pain for many people. Think about the bloody smell of brushing your teeth together in the morning.


Today will tell you 6 causes of gingival bleeding, how many did you offend?


1. Sudden increase in pressure


Many people have bleeding gums and bad breath when brushing their teeth because of a sudden increase in work stress.


At the same time of relaxing pressure, it is recommended to go to the regular oral hospital to do dental cleaning first, and then insist on the correct and effective method of brushing teeth.


2. Incorrect method of brushing teeth


It is important to choose the correct brushing method. The correct method is to combine the vertical brush method with the transverse brush method.


The main points of vertical brushing are:


When brushing the cheek of lips and the lingual and palatal surfaces of the posterior teeth, the bristles were parallel to the long axis of the teeth, the bristles pointed to the gingival margin, and the bristles were at a 45 °angle to the long axis, and the toothbrush was rotated.

 teeth whitening brush

Brush the upper teeth downward along the teeth space, brush the lower teeth from the bottom up, and brush the same part again and again for 5 or 6 times.

 teethpaste foam

Transverse brushing is used to brush the posterior teeth and clean the lacunae of the occlusal surfaces, brushing 8-10 times to and fro each side.

 teeth brush

3. Some systemic diseases


Gingival bleeding itself is a symptom of many diseases, not a disease, some systemic diseases can also cause gingival bleeding, such as leukemia, hemophilia, pernicious anemia, cirrhosis, hypersplenism, and so on.


Therefore, if the gingiva repeatedly bleeding, or the skin often appears some blue spots, at the same time yellow, body weakness and other symptoms, should be timely blood, liver function and other related tests.


4. Take aspirin for a long time


Long-term aspirin users who brush their teeth with bleeding gums and nasal bleeding are likely to suffer from side effects of aspirin.


This condition should stop medication, go to the hospital for platelet tests, under the guidance of the doctor to adjust the dosage.


5, the toothbrush is not chosen properly


Should check the toothbrush bristles whether strong, and timely replacement of soft hair of the new toothbrush, generally speaking, periodontal disease caused by bleeding after the use of soft hair toothbrush can mostly self-stop bleeding.


6. Periodontal disease


Another possible cause of gingival bleeding is periodontal disease, often bleeding from brushing and eating. Hemostatic drugs, vitamins are ineffective, simple tooth washing can not be cured.


The most basic and effective way to treat periodontal disease is to make the periodontal cavity deeply invasive. Under the premise of local anesthesia, the diseased tissues hidden in the deep part of the gingival and caused by chronic inflammation are cleaned up. Restore the gingiva to normal condition and again close to the tooth surface.


In this way, the possibility of recurrence is greatly reduced.

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