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8 Causes Of Tooth Loosening
Nov 15, 2018

Tooth loosening is very harmful to human being, patients should pay attention to it. The main reasons of tooth loosening are as follows: tooth bruise, periodontal disease, acute periapical periodontitis, etc. The following is the introduction to the cause of tooth loosening


1.Tooth bruising: this is due to excessive external forces causing periodontal ligament injury, tooth and periodontal ligament between the elastic fiber damage, resulting in tooth loosening.


2.Periodontal disease: periodontal ligament long-term chronic inflammatory stimulation, periodontal ligament fiber degeneration and destruction. Tooth loosening occurs when the periodontal tissue that supports the teeth is gradually destroyed.


3.Periodontal degeneration: periodontal degeneration occurs mostly in young people because of the degenerative changes in periodontal tissue, periodontal fiber destruction, alveolar bone resorption, tooth loosening and displacement. Tooth loosening caused by periodontal degeneration occurs first in the upper and lower anterior teeth and first molars. Due to tooth displacement, the previously arranged teeth become thin, the front teeth protrude outward, and gaps occur between the teeth. Periodontal degeneration, although relatively rare in clinical, but very harmful, often can make young people early loss of full teeth, should be paid attention to.


4.Acute periapical periodontitis: osteomyelitis of the jaw, tumors in the jaw can cause tooth loosening of the diseased teeth. Some diseases such as necrotizing gingivitis, vitamin deficiency, diabetes, and other diseases that affect gingival and periodontal supporting tissue may also cause tooth loosening.


5.Periodontitis or periapical periodontitis acute attack of tooth loosening, treatment is mainly to control inflammation, once the acute inflammation relief, tooth loosening can also alleviate or disappear.


6.Gingival atrophy: although it is known to be vitamin deficiency, it is often found in patients with gingival atrophy that the general symptoms of vitamin deficiency are rarely found, and in the clinical treatment of gingival atrophy by taking a large amount of vitamins, the effect is not good. Recent research has found that gingival atrophy is a local organ degeneration, or a local nutritional delivery disorder. Recommended reading: what are the hazards of tooth loosening


7.Traumatic factors: after taking anti-inflammatory drugs, the teeth will automatically return to a stable state. If loosening or dislocation, when displaced, the teeth should be restored, and then ligated to the adjacent teeth, and take anti-inflammatory drugs and so on.


8.Tooth occlusal force is too big: some people teeth occlusal force is too big or when occlusal relation is abnormal appear tooth loose, after doctor adjusts occlusal commonly, eliminate occlusal wound, alveolar bone can repair oneself, tooth also can restore stable state.

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