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Advice On Using Toothpowder
Jun 04, 2018

Tooth powder alternates with toothpaste. Can prevent tartar, etc. can achieve the effect of teeth whitening

How to use tooth powder: The product is powdery particles. It is best to use ordinary toothpaste to clean the teeth before use. After removing the dirt floating on the surface, use a dry toothbrush to grind the tooth powder and rub it gently on the surface of the teeth. After use, brush your teeth with water. Wash off the remaining tooth powder in your mouth and avoid swallowing.

Practice has proved that compared with other pure whitening products, tooth powder has one more cleaning function.

Note before use: If you use toothpaste directly for brushing your teeth, it is advisable to clean it twice or more; for tetracycline teeth, etc.; people who have wounds and mouth ulcers on their own should be used cautiously to avoid unnecessary injuries.

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