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Good Teeth Smile Need Your Attention
Aug 24, 2018

There are many bad habits in daily life that may cause problems in the mouth. Let's take a look at the specific reasons for it today. I hope everyone can establish good oral habits.


1. Sudden toothache-watch out for dental caries


If one or more teeth suddenly ache while eating, they may have decayed teeth. There is a special bacterium in the mouth that converts sugar from food into acid, causing dental caries. The deeper the holes in the teeth, the more sensitive the teeth are, leading to dental caries. If toothache occurs occasionally and is not confined to a certain point, there is usually no need to worry.


2, toothache for more than a week sleeping molars


If toothache lasts more than a week, it may be due to molars (habitual molars during sleep or unconscious molars when awake). Wearing an anti-molars cover can effectively prevent night molars. Persistent toothache associated with swelling of gums or parotid glands may be caused by gingival abscess.


3, the teeth are yellowing tea does not gargle


Yellowing teeth is not usually a symptom of severe dental disease. Coffee, tea or other dark drinks can all cause teeth to turn yellow. You'd better gargle this drink immediately after you finish it. In addition, whitening toothpaste and tooth shampoo can help improve the problem of tooth yellowing.


4. Teeth loose-incorrect brushing


Tooth loosening is a typical sequelae of periodontal disease, because periodontal disease tends to lead to bone loss in the teeth and chin. Correct methods of cleaning teeth include: brushing twice a day, flossing the teeth, washing the teeth twice a year, etc. The teeth are loose.


5, gums bleeding, redness-watch out for periodontitis


Gingival bleeding and redness lasts a day or two. Don't worry too much. Brush your teeth and floss to relieve them. However, hormonal changes or bacterial infections, such as periodontitis, can also lead to bleeding and swelling of the gums, the best dentists.


6, gum pain-toothbrush hair too hard


If you inhale cold air, drink hot or cold drinks when the gums ache, it may be dental caries, gingival atrophy. Bacterial infections, bruxism and brushing teeth with a hard brush can easily lead to gingival atrophy and root exposure.


7. Gum ulcers-eat less acid, spicy, hot food


Spicy, hot food eating too much can lead to oral ulcers. If the ulcer pain is gone in two or three days, there is no big problem. If the ulcer lasts a long time, it may be a sign of vitamin A deficiency, and suggest eating more vitamin A-rich spinach, carrots and other foods.

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