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How Long Does The Bamboo Toothbrush Change?
Jun 04, 2018

How long can a toothbrush last? This depends on the quality of the bristles and how the user uses and protects the toothbrush.

In general, the domestically-produced toothbrush currently on the market, using l-2 months, or 2-3 months, the toothbrush hair is bent, and the curved toothbrush hair is not only easy to brush the food residue in the teeth, but also Will scratch the gums, so, found that the toothbrush bristles, should immediately change a new toothbrush, in addition to the use of an excessively long time in the toothbrush head easy to retain bacteria, the damage only bamboo toothbrush factory is generally recommended to replace the toothbrush every three months.

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