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What Discolor Your Teeth?
Nov 09, 2018

Aging change 

As you get older, you often feel your teeth are changing. The feeling is real.

Teeth in the long-term use process, not only the bite surface, cutting end and other functional parts, such as the lip of the front teeth will wear, of course, these parts wear less than the functional parts. When the enamel on the surface of the tooth becomes thinner and thinner, the inner layer will become more and more yellowish, and the teeth will become yellowish.

Teeth are not the whiter the better, look natural, with their skin color, personality is the best color of teeth.


Tooth coloring

Tooth coloration can be divided into exogenous coloring and endogenous coloring. The common endogenous coloring is fluorine stained teeth and tetracycline teeth. Exogenous coloring is usually caused by diet.

The outermost structure of the tooth is enamel, which has a certain permeability. Some colored foods and drinks can be deposited into the teeth through enamel, and these pigments and highly colored small molecules can easily make enamel colored. 

Several examples of teeth that can easily be stained: 

Cola: the acidity of cola increases the coloring of teeth. When the teeth are in the acidic environment of cola, enamel dissolves easily, permeability increases and coloring intensifies.

Tea: black tea is rich in tannin, so it is considered to be one of the world's most problematic drinks for tooth coloring. Green tea, by contrast, is thought to have a much smaller effect on tooth coloring, so replacing black tea with green tea is more beneficial to tooth health. 

Sodas and sports drinks: citric acid and phosphoric acid in the drinks kill enamel, and the rumor that the teeth are completely dissolved overnight in Coke has been confirmed as a rumor. But soaking your teeth in soda and sports drinks overnight can cause serious coloring, with teeth darkening for a week. While colorless carbonated drinks do not cause tooth coloring, their acidity still corrodes enamel, and research suggests that many so-called sports drinks are more destructive than cola.


How to prevent teeth from coloring?

Knowing that your favorite food and drink can cause coloring your teeth, the first reaction must be to brush your teeth right away, but that's a mistake. 

After eating an acid drink or food, enamel will become less rigid in the next hour, and brushing your teeth during that time is actually wearing out the enamel. You can choose to brush your teeth with a soft toothbrush after an hour. 

Of course, a better choice is to take this small step after eating foods that make your teeth coloring easily: 

After the end, a large mouthful of water in the mouth and gargle, used to remove acid and dye substances. There is a big difference between the mouth after drinking coke and the mouth after gargling. 

Gargle can make the mouth secrete more saliva, saliva has the function of cleaning and protecting, can wash the food residue between the mouth and teeth, at the same time saliva contains a large amount of trace elements, can promote the re-mineralization of the damaged enamel. To prevent further development of tooth decay.

The same effect can be achieved by using a straw to reduce the amount of time the drink is in contact with the teeth.

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