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What Should You Pay Attention To After Cold Light Tooth Whitening?
Jan 01, 2019


The technique for whitening teeth with cold light is based on the physical principles of tooth coloring, using a high-intensity cold laser with wavelengths between 480-520 nanometers to shine on the teeth coated with whitening agents, which oxidize through the tubules. Remove the pigment from your teeth and whiten your teeth.


What about side effects?


Cold whitening teeth may have side effects. Some people in the process of receiving cold light whiten teeth making tooth sensitivity, toothache and other phenomena, but generally fade slowly after surgery. Once these conditions occur, do not panic, seriously brush your teeth, do not eat stimulating food, after a period of time the tooth will heal itself.


Pay attention to oral hygiene after operation


After taking cold light teeth whitening, keep oral hygiene, brushing your teeth every morning and evening and be careful not to brush your teeth with cold water, especially in winter. Keeping a clean environment in the mouth will keep the whitening of cold teeth longer.


Don't eat dark food after teeth whitening


In 24 hours after teeth whitening, avoid colored drinks such as tea, coffee, cola, red wine, and do not use colored toothpaste, mouthwash, and dark food to avoid re-coloring your teeth.


Who can't whiten with cold light


1. Pregnant people


The bleach used in tooth whitening is more or less passed into the mouth during the course of treatment, and the medical profession is still not sure whether this dose has any effect on the fetus, so if you want to whiten your teeth, It's better to do it after production.


2. People who take medicine all year round


Some people have used tetracycline (an antibiotic) to make their teeth yellow or brown, and the color is so ingrained that they must be permanently covered with ceramic patches or braces to improve. Because it is difficult to change the color by bleaching.


3. A man with braces


Because the technology of tooth bleaching can only change the color of real teeth, can not change the color of dentures, so to make teeth whitening, there will be two kinds of tooth color. If you want to whiten your teeth, you need a new denture that matches the whitening color, or another pair of braces.


4. People with certain diseases


Although the treatment of tooth whitening is simple and safe, but for people with heart disease or asthma, due to many people feel nervous when they visit the dentist, and may develop the disease as a result. So before you do it, consult your doctor to avoid some accidents.


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