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  • Children Use High Speed Handpiece

    Professional children use high speed handpieces are specially developed for the treatment of patients with smaller mouths. The smaller heads are designed for patients with smaller mouths, reducing visual field blockage and making dentists more convenient to work.
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  • Low Speed Handpiece Set

    Low-speed dental handpiece sets, affordable, quality assurance, to meet the needs of dentists for polishing, polishing and treatment, external or built-in waterways optional.
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  • 20:1 Contra Angle Implant Handpiece

    20:1 Dedicated professional contra angle implant dental handpiece with stable quality and matched with the motor that meets ISO standards, providing convenience for doctors' treatment.
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  • Dental Vacuum Forming Sheets Material

    Dental vacuum forming sheets material is based on the needs of the doctor, has excellent thermoplastic properties to create dental retainers and whitening trays to meet the needs of orthodontic and whitening. No blistering, high quality product effect is the choice of many...
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  • Putty Dental Impression Material

    Putty Dental Impression Material is a polyvinyl silicone impression material with excellent wettability, tear strength and dimensional stability. It is suitable as a tray material in putty/wash impression technology for the reproduction of teeth used for crowns, bridges, and...
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  • Dental Silicone Impression Material

    Dental silicone impression material has good hydrophilicity and strength, accurate impression, not easy to deform, not only suitable for the production of porcelain teeth or removable denture impression, and can fully meet the modern precision restorations, such as...
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