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We are a professional whitening kit wholesale supplier, specialized in providing professional tooth whitening kit, tooth whitening kit according to your needs to customize the tooth whitening kit, customizing your personal brand, Helping your career start. Professional teeth whitening kit wholesale suppliers is the number one choice for many people to whiten their teeth.
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Every beautiful person wants to smile brilliantly, but fears that a row of gray and yellow teeth will spoil the scene. Tooth whitening is a good choice for people with yellowing and blackening teeth; you should also understand that it has a great impact on people's image and seriously interferes with people's normal social life. Tooth whitening can make people's teeth white, giving people a new feeling.


Endogenous tooth black and yellow:

Dental fluorosis: the teeth are yellow lesions, the early manifestations of chronic fluorosis in the oral cavity. Dental fluorosis is a typical endemic disease. Fluoride mainly damages enamel tooth germ ameloblasts. Therefore, too much fluoride intake in childhood will lead to the production of dental fluorosis.

Tetracycline tooth: tetracycline tooth is a tetracycline catalyzed dehalogenation biosynthesis antibiotic, low toxicity, tetracycline deposits in teeth, bones and even nails, causing tooth enamel dysplasia, leading to tetracycline teeth.

Exogenous tooth black and yellow:

A person who drinks tea for a long time, smokes or chews areca nut, and has brown or dark brown coloring on the surface of the teeth, especially on the tongue. Brushing cannot be removed, and the furrows and rough surfaces of the teeth are prone to coloring.


Professional natural coconut shell charcoal powder is sociable tooth whitening favorite, created the myth of social whitening, natural coconut shell ingredients, organic natural whitening your teeth, protect your gums. You can also screen your brand name on the product, free design for you, save your expense.


Customize your own independent packaging brand, set sail for your career, use natural coconut shell ingredients, natural organic, protect tooth allergies, and you can change the formula, the required concentration and so on, according to your needs, etc. Professional tooth whitening manufacturer, professional to meet your needs



Used with brush and charcoal gel for daily use

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Remove Stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink. Whitening teeth by daily use

Kit Contents

1 * 15g charcoal teeth whitening powder / 30g mint flavor mixed charcoal powder

1 * bamboo toothbrush

2 * 5ml charcoal teeth whitening gel

2 * thermoformed mouth trays

1 * shell mouth tray case

1 * shade guide + 1 * user manual

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PayPal, Western Union, T/T

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3-5 days Fast Delivery

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