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Teeth Whitening Private Label Kit

The Teeth Whitening Private Label Kit is a new revolutionary system that combines light technology with a specially formulated gel to quickly whiten your teeth. The whitening system quickly removes surface stains, deeply penetrates, and removes embedded stains. Now you can easily and effectively whiten your teeth at home!
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We all want to look young and energetic and a white-toothed smile is the fastest way. Because indulging in a lot of coffee and wine, occasionally eating berries and smoking, any kind of behavior will make our teeth very difficult to keep white, difficult to show a beautiful smile, but beautiful smile is our pursuit, how can easily give up? It's time to find a suitable way to whiten your teeth.


Teeth whitening private label kit rely on hydrogen peroxide to basically bleach your teeth. They are very effective in whitening and removing stains, and they are very convenient. Compared with the cost of dental whitening, the whitening suit is becoming more and more popular.



4 pcs 3 cc peroxide or non peroxide gel 

(another option3 pcs 3 cc peroxide or non peroxide gel, 1 pc Desensitization gel, add 0.37 USD)

1 pc 6 bulb whitelight 

1 pc mouth tray box

2 pc mouth tray 

1 PC customized manual book

1 pc customized kit box

Specifications for  Professional bleaching gel Teeth Whitening kit:


Whitening gel strength

All Strength <44% in CP/ HP or Non Peroxide 

Mouth tray

Soft & Thick Suitable for European Mouth

LED light

6 bulbs with 2 × 3V batteries

User's manual

Available for different language

Package box

Private Lable & OEM service 

Fashionable and beautiful different color box with MOQ 1000sets,no extra charge

Whitening range

Affected by coffee,tobacco,sauce,tea,food,etc


1-2 times one day 20 mins per time . 

7 days is a whitening cycle.

Professional teeth whitening private label kit description:

Step 1:

Place the tray on the upper teeth. Do not place the tray in boiling water. Practice the top of the mouth with your tongue and touch the inside of the tray. Inhale the air in the tray. This allows the shield to form an outline with the inner surface of the tooth. Repeat with tray after completion. 

Step 2:

Boil the water. The bowl should be at least 4 inches deep to ensure that the tray is completely submerged. Remove the container from the heat and place a tray in hot but not boiling water. Place the tray in the water for 5 seconds. Make sure the edges do not fold and attack each other. 

Step 3:

Use the tongue to lift the tray vertically. Place the tray around the teeth carefully and quickly, and then immediately follow the steps listed in step 1. 

Step 4:

Once you are satisfied with the fit, trim the front wing from the tray with scissors. Make sure it is level with the front surface of the tray.

Step 5:

Place a small piece of gel (0.5cc or less per tray) inside the tray. If the tray is overloaded, the gel may stimulate the gums. Carefully insert the pallets, keeping the gel on the teeth and away from the gums. 

Step 6: 

Grind the tray for 15 minutes. If sensitivity or irritation occurs, wait 24 hours between treatments and use less gel. Please rinse the tray thoroughly after use. Repeat it every day until you reach the desired tone.

Last step:

After the bleaching process is completed, it is best to gently wipe the excess gel from the teeth and gums with a toothbrush to prevent any possible irritation. Rinse the excess gel thoroughly from the toothbrush.

Company Information

Zhengzhou Huaer Electro-Optics Technology Co., Ltd. has been established in 2006 and we has become one of the leading manufacturers for portable dental units, dental hand-pieces, teeth whitening lamps, teeth whitening kits, dental impression putty, etc. Our products are CE and SFDA certified. Over 10 years of successful overseas business is a result of our global standard of superior quality, competitive price, safe packaging, and meeting delivery schedules. OEM and customized orders are both available. Our principle lies in "fidelity management and technology innovation." We are committed to supply the best quality dental equipments and to bring satisfaction to our customers. Our doors are open at all times for new partners around the world.


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