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We are a strong factory direct selling factory integrated company, for countless wholesale customers to provide products, wholesale teeth whitening kit is favored by dealers, welcome to test samples.
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Beautiful white teeth everyone yearns for, but in real life, many people's teeth will be somewhat discolored, the main reasons for tooth discoloration are as follows

1. Health factors: teeth may be affected by calcification due to poor nutrition or illness during development, and teeth will be yellow and brittle.

2. Factors of water quality: in some areas, especially in some mountainous areas, because of the high fluorine content in the water, excessive drinking fluoride teeth will turn yellow, and instead of 1-2 teeth, they are full of big yellow teeth. Fluorine has the effect of preventing caries, so these people are not easy to grow caries (cavities).

3. Drug factors: tetracycline drugs are now widely known to cause yellow teeth, especially in children (up to the age of 5).

4, hygiene habits: some people do not pay attention to oral hygiene, do not brush their teeth sooner or later, the surface of the teeth accumulated a layer of food residue, soft dirt, dental stone, tobacco stains, tea stains, etc.

As a manufacturer of tooth whitening, we offer wholesale teeth whitening kit to solve the problem of tooth whitening for customers, and provide help for many startups.

teeth whitening kit (6)

Home whitening kits package:
3*pcs 3ml teeth whitening gel
1*pc soft teeth whitening mouth tray
1*pc 6 bulbs LED whitening light
1*pc user manual 

1*pc high quality box




Beautiful Smile or Label Your Brand


FDA, MSDS, CE Approved


Used with whitening gel and light together for daily use

Active Result on

Remove Stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink. Whitening Teeth By Daily Use

Active Ingredient

Sodium Chloride / Zero peroxide



Payment Terms

PayPal, Western Union, T/T

Deliver Time

Usually 2--3 days Fast Delivery by DHL, FedEx



1.wholesale teeth whitening kit is the most popular tooth whitening suit, by consumers and dealers favorite, wholesale teeth whitening kit packaging, price concessions.

2. As a manufacturer, we have long cooperated with various express delivery companies, can get the most favorable prices, and fast logistics transportation. Wholesale teeth whitening kit has quickly reached dealers in many different countries. Wholesale teeth whitening kit because we are wholesale sales, considering that a lot of people want to package their own brand, we are willing to order free dealer art design brand packaging for dealers to save money.

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