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Charcoal Teeth Whitening Gel Wholesale Private Label

Charcoal teeth whitening gel wholesale private label is the natural ingredient of tooth whitening gel, suitable for those who reject chemical ingredients, and want to whiten teeth , is obvious in improving white shades. So just have a good laugh, you are beautiful.
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Charcoal teeth whitening gel wholesale private label is one of the necessary professional teeth whitening supplies products, added ingredients from natural coconut shell, high fine powder shape, to avoid rough granularity, prevent tooth wear, and because of the structure of coconut charcoal powder, It's a natural adsorbent, especially when it's used to absorb toxins and stains. Medical physiological detoxification, adsorption effect is impressive.

Volume of pen, syringe

2ml, 3ml, 5ml, 10ml

Color of teeth whitening syringe

Red, white, blue 

Feature of teeth whitening gel

Free peroxide teeth whitening gel

Minimum Order Quantity

500 pcs

Logo printing MOQ

1000 pcs

How to deliver 

TNT or DHL within 7 days 



Shelf life

12 months


Charcoal teeth whitening gel wholesale private label is the natural ingredients of coconut charcoal, on the one hand, it can whiten teeth, and protecting the gums, is a natural tooth whitening product, avoid allergies, on the other hand, it can be private label your own brand with free art design, set up your career, charcoal teeth whitening gel wholesale private label care about your feelings, care about your smile.


Charcoal teeth whitening gel wholesale private label is a natural ingredient to whiten teeth, especially charcoal teeth whitening powder, which is popular on social networks, and many social celebrities and beauty professionals recommend it as long as you search the web. You can see a lot of recommendations on social networks, because charcoal teeth whitening powder is really a body friendly product, and the whitening ingredient is actually made by taking into account the special properties of charcoal teeth whitening powder, specially developed formulations.

About Charcoal You Can Choose

Charcoal teeth whitening pen is also made of charcoal as raw material, compared with the same type of whitening pen, ingredients friendly, whitening effect outstanding, anytime, anywhere whitening teeth.


Charcoal teeth whitening powder is very popular at social net, I bevelive you must know it .


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