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Office Teeth Whitening Kit

Professional whitening kits contains 25%Hydrogen peroxide gel and whitening catalyst which fastly whiten teeth in 30 minutes under acceleration of the cold blue light of 480-520nm wavelength and acquire best whitening effect.
  • Dentist Teeth Whitening Kit

    Dentist teeth whitening kit requires professionally qualified dentists to use, for yellowish and blackened teeth, dentists using instrumentation and expertise to help you gain a confident smile after 30 minutes.
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  • Wholesale Professional Teeth Whitening Kits

    Wholesale professional teeth whitening kits is a set for skilled dentists to clean up persistent dental stains for 30 minutes and give you a bright white smile.
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  • Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit

    Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening kit is used in doctor's operation, with obvious effect and lasting whitening effect. It is a good solution for many obstinate stains. Whitening teeth takes only 30 minutes to be able to smile and have no scruples.
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  • Teeth Whitening Kits Dentists Use

    White teeth are the result everyone wants, but there are always annoying things in life that make your teeth less white, cigarettes, pigmented foods, and often drinking coffee can dye your teeth. Teeth whitening kits dentists use is a professional whitening of teeth suite...
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  • Best in Office Teeth Whitening Treatment

    Best in office teeth whitening treatment kits contains specials ingredients that reduce sensitivity, special formular makes teeth whitening treatment more cost-effictive.
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  • Best Dental in Office Whitening Systems

    best dental in office whitening systems, max five kit set, can totally give 5 patients a treatment by dentist. Produces fastest result. Safest form of bleaching.
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  • In Office Teeth Whitening System

    Uses activated safe teeth whitening ingredients. Superior results can make all the difference in less than one hour.
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  • Professional Clinic Used Teeth Whitening Kit

    This professional clinic used teeth whitening kitcan be used for 2 patients at clinic. Patients can easily get a dramatic result in just one hour.
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