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Dentist Teeth Whitening Kit

Dentist teeth whitening kit requires professionally qualified dentists to use, for yellowish and blackened teeth, dentists using instrumentation and expertise to help you gain a confident smile after 30 minutes.
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Causes of tooth discoloration


In our daily diet, we inevitably eat colored foods. In addition to bean curd, eggs and other light color food, the vast majority of colorful, colorful food, are the cause of yellow teeth. There are a variety of bacteria on the tooth surface, which secrete many sticky substances on the tooth surface. Tobacco (smoking or chewing tobacco), drinking tea, coffee, cola, red wine, and colorful foods all leave pigments in our teeth. These pigments are adsorbed to these sticky substances and gradually turn the tooth surface yellow or black. Over time, these substances will gradually penetrate into the teeth from the surface of the tooth. Part, forming internal stains, make tooth interior also slowly discolored, this kind of tooth is become exogenously dyed tooth. In other words, as long as the teeth have a "close contact" to the color, they all have the possibility of being stained yellow!


2.Drugs and water quality

Tetracycline drugs are taken during tooth development, especially in children under 8 years of age, which can cause tooth discoloration to tetracycline teeth. In some areas, especially in some mountainous areas, because of the high fluorine content in water, excessive consumption of fluoride will cause teeth to yellow, and not 1 to 2 teeth, is full of large yellow teeth, become fluorosis teeth. These stained teeth are called endogenous stained teeth. These "morbid" teeth, dark pigments buried deep in the teeth, are untouchable by daily brushing.


3.Health habits 

Some people do not pay attention to oral hygiene, do not have the habit of brushing their teeth correctly in the morning and evening, so that a layer of food residue, soft dirt, dental stone, cigarette stains, tea stains and other "bad marks" are accumulated on the surface of the teeth. These yellow teeth are not the teeth themselves yellow, but do not pay attention to oral hygiene.


4.Aged yellow teeth 

What we can never resist is the natural aging. As we get older, our teeth turn dark and yellow. Years leave wrinkles on the skin, but also leave teeth no longer white.


Less brightly white teeth have an impact on social circles., dentist teeth whitening kit helps you say goodbye to yellowish and blackened teeth. It makes you smile and shine. Dentist teeth whitening kit is a dental whitening product used by professional dentists. , dentist teeth whitening kit can be customized according to different concentrations to meet the needs of OEM.





Kit Contents

1 × 1.5ml Gum Protector

1 × application brush

2 × Gum protector tip

Whitening liquid (hydrogen peroxide)

3 × Catalyst powder

1 × instruction book

1 × shade guide

Teeth whitening gel strength

25%-35% Hydrogen Peroxide


Delivery Date

Neutral package teeth whitening home kit, within 5 working days;

Customized package, within 15 working days after confirming the design artwork.

Payment Way

Western union, Bank transfer, some countries, PayPal is also available.




1.The latest design of the wholesale professional teeth whitening kits is the absolute exclusive on the market, making you the brightest exclusive agent

2.The content of the wholesale professional teeth whitening kits is a combination of suits that are popular with consumers, so you don't have to worry about your market.

3.Free art design your own brand, save yourself a lot of money

Notice of dentist teeth whitening kit: 

1. Within 24 hours after the treatment , avoid red wines , cola, coffee, tea, sauces and very hot or cold food ; avoid tobacco products , colored toothpaste and mouth wash. Recommend patient to consume non-color food. 

2. Few people will feel little discomfort after whitening treatment . Usually such sensitivity will disappear naturally within 24 hours. 

3. Clinic report shows that the whitening formula harmless for teeth, but please do not swallow.

4. We do not suggest the pregnant women or children under 16 years old , hypertensive patient , heart disease patient , diabetic patients , epileptic patient , oral disease and allergic physique patient to accept teeth whitening treatment.  

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