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Hydrogen Peroxide Teeth Whitening Kit

Hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening kit is used in doctor's operation, with obvious effect and lasting whitening effect. It is a good solution for many obstinate stains. Whitening teeth takes only 30 minutes to be able to smile and have no scruples.
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The cold-light tooth whitening technology is a high-intensity blue light with a wavelength between 480-520 nanometers, which is transmitted through an optical fiber, through two special optical lenses of 30 multi-layer coatings, and then subjected to special optical treatment to remove all harmful ultraviolet rays and infrared rays. The use of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening during whitening operations does not take long, only 30 minutes. The main component of hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening kit is hydrogen peroxide, which has been used safely for decades in tooth discoloration. In the process of whitening the hydrophilic drug and completely without touching the gums, it will not cause any damage to the tooth structure and the enamel. The whitening effect of one-time, no stimulation and no side effects can last for more than two years. Therefore, it is recognized as the most effective and safe tooth bleaching whitening technology. According to clinical experiments, the use of cold-light tooth whitening technology can improve the effect of 5-14 vita levels, not only better than similar products, but also more than 30% whitening effect of household braces. The operation takes only 30 minutes, no side effects, and the whitening effect can last for more than two years.



1.1 simple combination of human dose to fully meet the needs of single whitening teeth. The single-person hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening kit increases the product premium, increases the product added value, the safety and hygiene.

2.The hydrogen peroxide teeth whitening kit is latest new packaging products, the lack of competitive products on the market, broad market prospects. Exquisite packaging, design with a sense of art, most people will like the appearance of the design.

3.Our designers have designed satisfactory packaging for thousands of customers since the establishment of the company. The design of artistic sense will certainly make you satisfied.

General information


In-Office Teeth Whitening System

For dentist use

Application brush

3 pcs

Empty jar for mixing

1 pc

Whitening Liquid

3 pcs

Catalyst powder

3 pcs

Gingival barrier

1 pc

Gingival tip

3 pc

Instruction book

1 pc

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