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Wholesale Professional Teeth Whitening Kits

Wholesale professional teeth whitening kits is a set for skilled dentists to clean up persistent dental stains for 30 minutes and give you a bright white smile.
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Why do my teeth change color?

Eating habits

Usually like coffee, tea, red wine and other foods, these food pigments accumulated over the years in the teeth, will make the teeth discolored 

The habit of smoking

Tar and nicotine in cigarettes can cause pigment deposition on the tooth surface. Tar is pure black, and nicotine and oxygen are also colored, causing the teeth to turn yellow and black.

An increase in age

As you get older, long term brushing and the use of teeth make your teeth thinner, and yellow dentin feels yellow from the outside.


Taking drugs for a long time or taking them in the course of tooth development can turn black later in adulthood, and treatments such as chemotherapy can also make the teeth black.






Kit Contents

1 × 3 ml Gum Protector

1 × 2ml Desensitization gel

3 × application brush

3 × Gum protector tip

3 × Whitening liquid (hydrogen peroxide)

3 × Catalyst powder

1 × instruction book

1 × shade guide

Teeth whitening gel strength

25%-35% Hydrogen Peroxide


Delivery Date

Neutral package teeth whitening home kit, within 5 working days;

Customized package, within 15 working days after confirming the design artwork.

Payment Way

Western union, Bank transfer, some countries, PayPal is also available.



Packing size

84*41*41cm for 48 setsGW:30KG 

Wholesale professional teeth whitening kits has always been the most used suit for dental professionals, and from its initial study course it was the most widely marketed suit, and it supports free product art design. Our designer has designed a series of packaging designs for thousands of customers for more than ten years, many of which have become world-famous dental whitening products.



1.The latest design of the wholesale professional teeth whitening kits is the absolute exclusive on the market, making you the brightest exclusive agent 

2.The content of the wholesale professional teeth whitening kits is a combination of suits that are popular with consumers, so you don't have to worry about your market. 

3.Free art design your own brand, save yourself a lot of money 

4.Professional manufacturers help many well-known brands to successfully build their own products, professional experience, trustworthy


1. Wear cheek retractor

2. Clean teeth surface

3. Apply gum protector

4. Mix teeth whitening liquid & powder into pasty

5. Apply a layer of whitening pasty to teeth surface

6. Shine teeth for 10 mins by LED lamp

7. Remove the whitening pasty & apply the new whitening pasty(new mixed), repeat the step of 4, 5, 6, 7 for 2 times again.

8. Rinse teeth

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