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Plug Into Phone Private Label Teeth Whitening Kit

We are a collection of product development and sales of the factory, this inquiry wholesalers can enjoy the lowest wholesale prices, to consumers to the greatest extent of profit, plug into phone private label teeth whitening kit is a very high degree of free combination of products, If you want to know more, please send an inquiry directly, we will contact you at the first time to solve your questions.
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The easiest way to become attractive is to keep your face clean: the eyes are black and white, the skin is clean, the skin is clear, the pores are black, the hair is fresh and not greasy, the eyes are clear, and the teeth are white! White teeth with a bright smile appear sunny self-confidence, make apple muscle is particularly developed. White teeth should add 10 points to charm!


The plug into phone private label teeth whitening kit, which is often seen in social circles, including plug into phone light, can be used in portable battery. At present, all three kinds of mobile phone interfaces can be used, especially on mobile phones, without affecting the use of mobile phones. It's easy to whiten your teeth in your leisure time, and it looks so cool that it doesn't diminish your taste.



1.Plug into phone private label teeth whitening kit can freely customize your own brand of packaging, and our art designer for many years, with a wealth of design experience, design a lot of consumer favorite product packaging.

2.Plug into phone private label teeth whitening kit can customize your own products, can choose whitening pen or whitening gel, different packaging forms and so on, waiting for you to combine freely.




Different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide or zero peroxide


Plug into phone soft silicone 16 bulbs

Light length

80 cm

Agent package style

Syringe or tube or gel pen


Delivery Date

Neutral package teeth whitening home kit, within 5 working days;Customized package, within 15 working days after confirming the design artwork.

Payment Way

Western union, Bank transfer, some countries, PayPal is also available.



Features the use of plug into phone private label teeth whitening kit

* EASY DIY food grade oral tray with the latest NM formula whitening gel to make teeth whitening easier.

Almost close to oral PH, making teeth whiter and more comfortable.

* 0.1% ~ 44% carbamide peroxide, nickel peroxide, 0.1% ~ 44% hydrogen peroxide, the difference is selected.

* Easy to wear in 30 minutes a day, with white results visible.

* Natural and soft formula, safe for enamel.

* Includes potassium nitrate and sodium fluoride to rebuild enamel and anti-cavity.

* Lemon, mint, strawberry different flavors.

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