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Professional Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Professional home teeth whitening kit is specially designed according to many people who do not have enough time. Professional home teeth whitening kit does not limit the time of the user, and can whiten teeth freely according to personal situation, anytime, anywhere. Don't worry about time, because while whitening teeth, users can pick up their phones and do what they need to do.
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White teeth can make a person 10 years younger. A white tooth is a sign of health. It can also increase personal attractiveness and become a favorite in social circles. Free and confident smiles can most infect people. Professional home teeth whitening kit can help you clean your teeth with stained stains from colored foods, aging stains and yellowing teeth caused by smoking. Just a few easy steps are needed to clean your teeth. Return your white teeth in a comfortable way at home.



1.professional home teeth whitening kit can realize professional tooth whitening, comfortable and economical by choosing the professional home teeth whitening kit that can afford to pay for the comfortable environment at home.

2.Simple and convenient operation, no complicated process, in the process of whitening teeth, you can also exercise, email back, watch video, read, do not take up too much personal time, do not need a special period of time to do tooth whitening, More efficient, simpler and faster 

3.In the huge whitening teeth market, we as manufacturers welcome consumers to customize their own brand products, to help customers in the whitening teeth market to open the market, if not their own design, Our close professional designers will design products with artistic taste according to customer's requirements.


1. Clean the duplex mouth tray part in water and dry it

2. Brush your teeth, rotate the pen at base to dispense the gel

3. Hold a wide smile, apply thin layer of the gel on tooth surface

4. Connect the LED light with your cellphone

5. Put the mouthpiece into your mouth and bite tightly, press the power button, 25 mins countdown with sound reminder, take off the mouthpiece and rinse mouth with lukewarm water

6. Clean the mouth tray and dry it, for next time use

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