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Wholesale Peroxide Teeth Whitening Gel

currently the main formula is used in wholesale peroxide teeth whitening gel. The formula after multiple tests and consumer feedback has improved to perfect is our main gelatin formula, safe and legal, with FDA and CE certificates, free sale around the world.
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If you want to whiten your teeth, there must be two things that you can't do without. One is the lamp needed to whiten your teeth, the other is the agent that needs to be applied to whiten your teeth. However, this agent biggest difference in composition is peroxide teeth whitening gel and zero peroxide teeth whitening gel. Wholesale peroxide teeth whitening gel according to your need of tooth whitening, you need to select different components of. Teeth whitening gel can configure whether it is peroxide teeth whitening gel. or not, depending on the dealer's own circumstances. Today, we specifically refer to the peroxide teeth whitening gel, of course, zero peroxide teeth whitening gel we also provide, because we are a professional teeth whitening manufacture factory.

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Wholesale peroxide teeth whitening gel is designed to meet the needs of dealers. Peroxide teeth whitening gel is a kind of colloid solution used in tooth whitening, which is usually used in dental whitening clinics, salons and hospitals. Personnel with dental whitening experience and qualifications. peroxide teeth whitening gel is not recommended for personal use. Wholesale  peroxide teeth whitening gel is a colloidal solution with matching experience and technique, and the corresponding result is also obvious. In general, it can increase 6-8 shades, after whitening the corresponding stage, the general exogenous colored teeth, can be very bright white, the same effect for endogenous teeth, and according to the dealer's individual situation, can customize different concentration teeth whitening gel, generally recommended concentration of less than 40%.

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Used with whitening light together for daily use

Active Result on

Remove stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink. Whitening Teeth by daily Use

Active Ingredient

Hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide



Free Sample

1 pc 3ml whitening gel sample available

Payment Terms

PayPal, Western Union, T/T, or Escrow

Deliver Time

Usually 2--3 days Fast Delivery by DHL, FedEx

For startups who want to start in the tooth whitening industry, we are here willing to help them.

We are an experienced tooth whitening factory, have helped many like-minded friends around the world to start a career and continue to develop well, our experience is a valuable asset to help you avoid unnecessary trouble.

For individuals who want to own their own brand of products, we warmly welcome, we are interested in customizing their own product brand icon customers, provide professional art design icons and packaging, for your business to save a sum of money.



Wholesale peroxide teeth whitening gel is a long-improved peroxide teeth whitening gel, formula that is unique and does not harm enamel and gingival.

Wholesale peroxide teeth whitening gel is an indispensable whitening colloid for most teeth whitening.


Compared with other factory

The FDA,CE certificate needed for tooth whitening is complete, the manufacturer is regular and legal, and the world is free from hindrance.

More than 10 years of industry experience, have many loyal customers, growing up, teeth whitening industry has its own special experience.


Incomplete enamel, exposed dentin and loose teeth, incomplete teeth, severe allergies, children, pregnant women disabled

After the whitening gel is covered with a cover, it will not affect the next use.

Place it in a place out of the reach of children and keep it for future us

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Order Guide

1. Send enquiry via our website

2. Our sales will reply your enquiry in 24 hours with Professional quotation.

3. Confirm the price, leading time, payment term etc.

4. Huaer sales send the Proforma Invoice with seal.

5. Customer makes the payment for deposit or full payment and send us Bank receipt.

6. Production Stage-Inform the clients that we have got the payment. And will produce according to your request, send you photos to get your approval before shipment.

7. Your goods could be shipped to you as your requirement such as by air or by sea, full way tracking for your cargos offered before the arrival of the goods.

8. Order will be finished when our clients receive the goods and give us feedback.


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