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Home Teeth Whitening Kit

Home Led Teeth Whitening Kit

Everyone wants an amazing smile, and every year there are a variety of simpler and more convenient whitening teeth products. The home led teeth whitening kit is one of the most promising and profitable products on the market. This is a more affordable option than the office laser tooth whitening treatment, which is absolutely cost effective.
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The home led teeth whitening kit is a convenient way to achieve a more brilliant smile in privacy and scheduling. When you choose a home teeth whitening kit, the impressions is made of your teeth for custom whitening trays. To ensure the best results, we offer detailed instructions on dispensing whitening gels and wearing custom trays. When the tray is worn for one hour a day for 14 days, many people will see up to six shades of improvement.

Features of the luxury home use  teeth whitening kit

* EASY DIY food grade mouth tray, with Latest NM formula whitening gel make teeth whitening more easy, 

nearly close to oral PH, make teeth whitening more comfortable.

* 0.1% ~ 44% Carbamide Peroxide, ZERO PEROXIDE, 0.1% ~ 44% Hydrogen Peroxide, difference choices.

* Included Potassium Nitrate and Sodium Fluoride, rebuild enamel.

* Easy wear 30 mins every day, visible whiter results can get.

* Natural & Soft formulas, safe for enamel and anti cavity.

* Lemon, mint, strawberry different flavors.  



kit include

4 pcs × 3ml Peroxide or Non Peroxide gel
(if need, can match 1 pcs desensitize gel with 3 pcs whitening gel)
2pc × Mouth Tray
1pc × Mouth Tray Box
1×LED Blue Light ( 6 bulbs)
1×User's Manual
1× Sheet Guide


Private Lable & OEM service 
Fashionable and beautiful different color box with MOQ 1000sets,
 no extra charge


1-2 times one day 20 mins per time.
7 days is a whitening cycle. 


Whitening teeth is bleached with a hydrogen peroxide gel or a carbamide peroxide gel. This gel breaks down into hydrogen peroxide on the teeth and is one of the most effective ways to significantly brighten your smile. This is because bleach in many products removes surface stains and fading deep into the teeth. Some bleaches are photoactivated, so some treatments involve the use of LED lights in addition to gels. The home led teeth whitening kit is equipped with high quality, powerful LED lights that help to make the teeth brighten faster.


12 ml whitening gel which is enough for 20-30 whitening sessions. if need, can match 1 pcs desensitize gel.Usually 10-16 sessions are enough to restore your natural bright smile and you can use the rest of the gel to do touch up treatments.

Company File

Zhengzhou Huaer Electro-Optics Technology Co., Ltd
--Premier Factory of the Teeth Whitening Products.
--Leading Manufacturer of the Dental Equipment and Materials.
It Is established in 2 0 0 6.Located in Zhengzhou city, we're the leading manufacturer for dental chair, Portable Dental Unit, Dental Handpiece, and the premier supplier for the Teeth Whitening Lamp, Teeth Whitening Material, all kinds of Dental equipment and materials.Our products are CE and SFDA certified.Our products sell well in Australia, Columbia, Kuwait, the Netherlands, South Africa, Thailand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, United States, Zimbabwe.Except our own products, we can also provide OEM services and accept customized order as well.


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