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Blue And Red Led Teeth Whitening Light

The tooth whitening light inside teeth whitening kit, did you get tired of his not cool look, but if you go with a light can change the whitening light, immediately , you will become the coolest and the most trendy person in your social circle.
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Are you a trendy person in the circle of friends, the group that walks in the front of fashion, the essential element of fashion is to be different, whitening teeth products emerge in endlessly, but there are few stylish shapes, Although many tooth whitening products are effective, however,they lack a fashion look. Blue and red led teeth whitening light has recently developed a stylish, beautiful, distinctive, rechargeable tooth whitening lamp, it has stylish exterior design, and cool light conversion. which can send out two colors of lights, a red, a blue, you can choose teeth whitening lights according to your preference.


The appearance of this Blue and red led teeth whitening light has our own patent, in line with women's beautiful image, rubber button design, is used to upgrade the experience to a level. Free from button batteries, the Blue and red led teeth whitening light is rechargeable, avoiding the hassle of buying different models of button batteries, and which is more in line with people's habits today.

Product specification:

1. Power supply: Li-ion Rechargeable Battery

2. Rated voltage: 3.6V  

3. light color: Blue and red

4. Standard charge current: 24mA


 1.After applying the whitening gel, open the whitening light and place it in the mouth;

2.The light emitted by the whitening light will begin to react with the gel and whiten the teeth.

3.The whitening light has a one-time lighting time of 10 minutes. If it takes a long time to illuminate, once it is finished, it can be extended by 10 minutes after it is turned on again.

 4.This whitening light for home whitening, convenient and safe.

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