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Convenient Brush Professional Teeth Whitening Pen Kit

Convenient brush professional teeth whitening pen kitis convenient and easy to use, 2 mintuate application, no sensitivity, best whitening result.
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Convenient Brush Professional Teeth Whitening Pen Kit
Tooth Whitening made easy: 4 pcs whitening gels pens and 1 pc 10 bulbs whitening light tray of convenient brush professional teeth whitening pen kit allows you to brighten your pearly whites while on the go.
Fast Whitening results: Whitening pen whiten your tooth just needs 2 mins, you can also apply gels to the USB whitening led mouth tray, it will take 15-30 minutes for you to get a better whitening result.
Mess-free teeth whitening: Unlike other teeth whitening products, ours are 100% enamel-safe and designed to prevent messes.



What's included

Item Name

Convenient brush professional teeth whitening pen kit


Luxury Smile or Your Brand


Teeth Whitening


10 bulbs Mini Teeth Whitening Light can be connected with powder bank or your phone

4 pcs 2 ml Teeth Whitening Pen (Peroxide and Non-peroxide gels are available)

Delivery time

1-3 days for small order, 15-20 days for OEM order


Luxury High Quality Box

Shipping Method

DHL, EMS, UPS, FedEx, TNT, By air, By sea



Treatment Time

2-15 Minutes


PayPal, T/T, Western Union Etc.


OEM Is Available

Our advantages

1.Exquisite quality, OEM/ acceptable.

2.Strong and Professional R&D capabilities.

Research and experience have shown that the whitening effect of treatment usually lasts for several years. Teeth may darken if re-exposed to tobacco, coffee or juice, etc. However, the teeth may remain significant.

If no treatment is done, it is lighter. Two to four months of tooth bleaching takes place at intervals of 6 months to 4 years.May be all that is necessary. Some difficult dark stains naturally require longer processing than some milder stains.The results will vary depending on your teeth and the type of dyeing.

How to use?
1. In order to apply the gel, you simply brush and dry your teeth with a tissue.
2. Then twist the back cap of the pen and apply minimal amounts of the gel on the teeth's surfaces and LED mouth tray.
3. Put in the accelerator light that is connected to your phone or power bank and start treating your teeth.
4. Each treatment takes 15 minutes and lasts for a week.
5. When finished, unplug the cable, put the tray out of your mouth and clean it with water. Store gel in a cool, dry place. Avoid eating or drinking staining foods/beverages for 1 hour.

Does the whitening device do both the top and bottom teeth at the same time?
Yes, it does take care of top and bottom.
Will I get the immediate results?
Some see results after just one session, others take longer.
Are this whitening kit CE or FDA approved?
Yes, all our teeth whitening products have CE and FDA approval, our products are exported to USA and EU countries successfully.

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