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Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder

Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder is an organic alternative to your oral health. We carefully select 100% natural ingredients to safely whiten and modify teeth, strengthen enamel, detoxify, keep breath fresh, and not risk any harmful chemicals or additives.
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Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder is an effective natural treatment for the absorption of tooth whitening . Charcoal made from coconut shell is the best of all other charcoal. After the coconut shell is activated by steam, the charcoal can undergo an absorption process by removing stubborn stains from the teeth. You can see the obvious effect by brushing activated charcoal teeth whitening powder 3-4 times a week . Coconut charcoal has the largest porous surface area and can absorb wood, chemical or edible charcoal. Therefore, activated charcoal teeth whitening powder can absorb more stains from the teeth, making them brighter, whiter and cleaner. At the same time, still have all the benefits of other charcoal.



Food Grade Ingredients: no harmful chemicals, no bleach, no fluoride, no artificial colors, no preservatives. Ideal for promoting gum health, fresh breath, tartar control, tooth cleaning and whitening.

Safety-sensitive Teeth: Our food-grade ingredients are specially formulated to ensure that the most sensitive teeth are not affected.

Organic Active Coconut Charcoal: Coconut activated carbon has the highest adsorption capacity and the highest impurity removal effect.

Freshens Breath: With natural mint, lemon, coconut, raspberry and strawberry, you will have a refreshing atmosphere throughout the day.


Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder all-natural formula gradually removes stains such as coffee and wine, revealing whiter, brighter teeth! Use once or twice a day for at least 30 days to see the effect! Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder does not bleach the teeth with chemicals, so the results will occur under consistent use and focus on removing existing stains. Activated charcoal teeth whitening powder is suitable for the natural tooth whitening of sensitive teeth.



100% coconut shell activated carbon powder

Adsorbent Variety

Activated Carbon

Raw material

Coconut Shell


100% nature


Box/Bag/Jar/ Bulk packing
30g 40g 50g 80g 100g

How to use

Wet toothbrush.

Dip the brush into the activated charcoal teeth whitening powder.

Gently brush for 1-2 minutes. Focus on cleaning the stained part of the tooth.

Rinse the mouth with water. Please pay attention to cleaning a few times and clean the powder



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