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Teeth Whitening Strips

Private Label HP/CP Teeth Whitening Strips

Private label HP/CP teeth whitening strips are the choice for many modern people to whiten their teeth outside the home. The packaging does not occupy space, and each dose has a separate package, which is easy to carry, and hygienic and safe. There is no need to use anything else to assist in tooth whitening.
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In life, many teeth whitening needs to be combined with other things to whiten the teeth. However tooth whitening strips are not needed to combine with other things. Just tear open the packaging, put it on the teeth, and you can start whitening your teeth. It's very simple, and, Whitening ingredients can be selected according to your market, different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, different concentrations of carbamide peroxide, can also choose pure natural components of charcoal teeth whitening powder, or other ingredients, we can provide mass production.


Many customers want to do their own brand in the market, no problem, we can help you. For customers with their own brand, we support the customization of products and packaging, if the customer's own design is not perfect, no problem, we can help customers design packaging free of charge.



1. Friendly tear-opening packaging

2. Strong affixing force

3. Good whitening effect

4. No messy gel

5. Minimal gel residue ,easy to clean after use

Product details:


FDA, MSDS, CE Approved

One Box includes

14 Pouches: Total 28 Whitening Strips (each with 1 upper and1 lower strips)

Usage of Whitening Strips

Use once a day, 14-day as a treatment; Use twice a day, 7 days as a treatment.

Active Result on

Remove Stains of smoking, coffee, tea, drink. Whitening Teeth By Daily Use

Active Ingredient

6% hydrogen peroxide / carbamide peroxide/zero peroxide

Sample order

Available for evaluation whitening strips in advance



Deliver Time

Usually 2--3 days Fast Delivery by DHL, FedEx OR TNT Express

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