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Thermoforming Teeth Whitening Mouth Tray

Teeth whitening tray is mainly loaded with teeth whitening gel, with thermoplasticity, so that the tray can have the characteristics of everyone, and the whitening gel can be applied to the teeth more evenly.
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The thermoforming tooth whitening tray is an essential part of tooth whitening. The thermoforming tooth whitening tray is placed in the mouth when the material is softened in the hot water, with the tooth and hand force to form the shape that fits the tooth. Then put it into cold water to cool down, after the tooth whitening tray conforms to individual characteristics.


Thermoforming teeth whitening mouth tray can effectively prevent excessive overflowing of whitening gel, which can stimulate the gums and cause uncomfortable reactions such as tooth allergy. Thermoplastic shaped tooth whitening tray, which can be thermoformed to fit the tooth shape tray according to each person's tooth condition, effectively prevents the spread of applied whitening gel from stimulating the gums.



1. First , prepare a cup of hot water of 70°C-80°C for 10 seconds

2. Place the soften mouth tray into mouth covering your upper teeth.

3.Press firmly for molding and adaptation. (Do the same with the lower tray)
4. Fill the trays with whitening gel along the teeth impression, and then wear the trays.
5. Wear mouth tray for about 20-30 minutes total time. Repeat daily until ideal shade of white is achieved

Teeth whitening thermoforming mouth tray grade material 
2.Sealed foil bag package 
3.CE approved 

5.OEM bag supply

Material: EVA

 need to deep into hot water to make impression

Use together teeth whitening mini light directly ! 

Very convenient to use !

OEM service: available for 1000 pcs, can make with label

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